In Her Own Words

"It may have been my world travels that got me interested in talking to people. I’ve visited over 25 foreign countries, lived in three, and asked a lot of questions in between. It took a trip to the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam, where I recorded myself hosting a video of my tour that developed my curiosity of becoming an on-camera host. Then, it took a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of almost being cast on the hit CBS reality show, “The Amazing Race” to seal the deal. At that point, I knew that connecting with others via camera lens was my calling."


Nicolette Brycki is an on-camera host, spokesperson, actress, and beauty and style expert. A graduate of prestigious Rutgers College of Rutgers University, she double majored cum laude in broadcast journalism and French language and culture. With a passion for performing and working closely with others, she began her career as a high school French teacher. As a side-business to teaching, she worked as on-air talent, booking local commercials, print work, and web videos, enjoying it so much that her brand eventually became her business. Nicolette has been cast and featured principally for brands such as De Longhi, Mattress Factory, Chester County Tourism, Plymouth Yarn, Thruway Nissan and Infiniti to name just a few.

A trained fine artist, Nicolette's sense of style and eye for beauty has awarded her many on-air guesting and expert opportunities on both network and national TV in prime markets. She has been a regular on-air guest on QVC, successfully meeting business expectations while providing fashion expertise and style savvy to over 100 million households. As an off-shoot of her TV career, she enjoys connecting with her passionate and loyal following via popular social media platforms. Nicolette is a sought-after beauty and style contributor and can be seen on networks like NBC, Fox, Pix 11 NYC, and more. Her beauty and fashion blog can be found here: In addition to a traditional college and fine arts education, Nicolette has also advanced her on-camera education by training with the best experts in their respective fields.

What's life without a little charity? Nicolette loves to give back to the community by hosting live events! She hosted Philadelphia's fashionable Preakness at the Piazza as well as Dancing for Our Future Stars, and had the opportunity to interview TV personalities and influencers. She is an avid supporter of welfare for veterans and animals. Invite Nicolette to host your next event.

Enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle through the art of ballroom dance has been both a priority and a passion for Nicolette. A competitive dancer herself, she has graced ballroom floors with style and sass and has trained with top dance professionals. Nicolette especially loves the Latin dances for their physicality, style, musicality, and expressiveness. You can find her training anywhere between two to four times per week to stay in top competition shape.

Nicolette loves to travel and learn about other cultures and customs. She has studied at the oldest universities in Europe, ridden elephants in Africa, hiked through jungles in Central America, visited medinas and mosques in the Middle East, and enjoyed the natural geographic wonders of North America. Some other hobbies? Spending time with family, snow skiing, cooking, and speaking French.


What's unique about the on-camera Nicolette?
I'm a quick-thinker, hard worker, and conversationalist; charismatic and authentic. Put-together, stylish, and sharp, I strive to bring an unrivaled energy and effervescence to every production or television segment.

What do you love about working on-camera?
I genuinely love the art of performance. Knowing that on the other side of the lens is a person watching, listening, and waiting to connect is what gives me drive as on-camera talent. I truly enjoy sharing great stories with people and learning from others through conversation. Plus, for lack of a better word, it's fun!

What's your dream job?
I'd love to host or co-host a lifestyle, travel, or entertainment news show.

Pet Peeve?
I’m a grammar nut, or at least try to be in a world of autocorrect.

Claim to “almost” fame?
My sis and I almost made it onto “The Amazing Race”. We were cut from the finals. There’s always tomorrow!

Hidden (or not) Talent?
I’m an avid ballroom dancer and a really good cook.

My soft spot?
Animals and war veterans.

Favorite color?
I’ve been on this red-orange kick for awhile!

What was your first “real” job out of college?
I worked as a high school French teacher.

Believe it or not...
I may have asked you if you wanted your fries “supersized”. And, yes, I wore the cute, little turquoise visor.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Traveling the world allows for some pretty unpredictable moments. Hitchiking in Corsica and getting picked up by a tractor trailor may top the list.

What's in the name?
A proud American made of 100% Polish blood! My heritage is very important to me, and I value integrating traditional Polish customs into my life passed down to me by my parents.